Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Cat Lacquer Winter Collection

Happy Black Friday, loves!!!

Did y'all go out and buy tons of stuff?  Online shop some of your favorite indie creations?  Can't figure out what to get?   Well, hopefully this post will help you make some polish decisions if you are looking for a deal and some beauties!

This is Black Cat Lacquer's 2012 Winter Collection!  I have to say, this whole collection is stunning and so girly!  I always love the formula of Sabrina's polishes and this collection is no exception!  Let's take a look!!!

This gorgeous effect polish is The Charming Man!  This polish is in a sheer golden base with tons of bronze and gold flakes!!!  I wait to wear this polish over every fall shade this season!!!  I think it will also be stunning over a turquoise in the summer!  This mani only took one simple coat of The Charming Man over China Glaze Merry Berry!

Vogue.  Vogue.  Vogue.  Vogue, is simply festive and fun!  This glitter bomb of a matte rainbow hex glitters, black square glitters, and white diamonds suspends in clear base!  I am not usually a fan of multi-colored, rainbow glitters, but BLC's mixtures are always so incredible!!!  This is another one coater over Zoya Bevin!

Now, let's talk about Frozen, baby!  I'm diggin' this color combo of shard glitters!!!  Teal, silver, white, and lavender is just such a edgy but feminine combo!  I love the way this polish popped over Orly Au Champagne!

Another stunner is I Want Candy!  I can totally see myself rockin' this polish all winter and spring!!  I feel like I Want Candy brings out my girly-girl side!  For this mani, I wore I Want Candy solo!  This is three coats of purple jelly holo-ness with teal, purple, silver, and pink glitters hanging out!

Lastly but definitely not least is my favorite in this collection...Strangelove!  This is another glitter topper that consists of fuchsia and lilac glitters!  This polish just screams, "AllTHATISGORGEOUS!!!"  I am wearing Strangelove over China Glaze Sunset Sail!  I cannot wait to rock this as this upcoming Valentine's Day mani over a light pink polish!!!  Yikes!

So what do y'all think of these five gorgeous Black Cat Lacquer polishes????  I totally am a "Yay" vote for these!  Which is your favorite??  Can't decide??? is Black Friday, so go over to BLC's Facebook page and say, HELLO, to Sabrina and don't forget to look for the awesome discount code!!

You can purchase this polish along with tons of other Black Cat Lacquers at Sabrina's etsy shop here!  Don't forget to also follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (BlackCatLacquer)!

What do y'all think???  Do you have any of these polishes or which ones do you just have to have??

These products were provided to me for my honest review!  Thanks, Sabrina!


  1. I Want Candy, Strangelove and Vogue are all awesome!

  2. These are so pretty!! I keep looking, thinking, "Oh, This Charming Man is my, wait, Frozen looks so amazing...wait, the colours in Vogue!!" Love them all, and the names make me like them even more. :)

  3. I need all of these in my life, sooo gorgeous!! <3